The story of Sol the astronaut.
Mixed Music Styles Cover showing orbit and fragments of spaceships and lots of darkness.
Far From The Tree (2022)
The tale of a fallen angel.
Metal/Rock Styles Cover showing a kneeling angel - very dark.
Timewaster (2024)
A story about the time-keeper.
Singer-Songwriter Styles
42 (...soon)
42 Random Access Memories
Mixed Music Styles Cover some kind of intergalactiv wormwhole and the number 42.
Another Heartbreak Story
A story of a broken heart.
Singer-Songwriter Styles
The Also Ran
The complexity of getting famous in music business.
Rock Styles
Out of Time
The mystery of life and universes explained.
Art Rock Styles
Tribute Compilation (special)
Some tribute songs.
Mixed Styles